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Installation of Sophos endpoint security and control could be done manually on windows, Mac and Linux computers. There is always usage of scripted installation or you can also configure it for updating from an alternative source.  There are various methods of installing the antivirus but there are many such issues that you have to face in the process of installation. Whenever you come across any such problem then you have to make sure that you take help of Sophos antivirus support team for resolving it. Before starting the process, you have to ensure that you meet all the system requirements.

What are different methods of Sophos antivirus installation?

Sophos Antivirus

While manually installing Sophos endpoint security you have to ensure that you opt from either of the options mentioned here:

  • You can go to the computer in turn then log on as local administrator and then install the antivirus on the device.
  • Otherwise you can run the installation program automatically from a script or with a program like Microsoft SMS. This method is useful when installation needs to be done in large number of computers.

Steps of Manual installation

The installation program could be run manually from the distribution folder to protect computers. It is the place where Sophos update manager downloads. Here are steps of the installation:

  1. First of all, you have to check the location of the distribution folder. You need to select view and then bootstrap locations from the console menu. You have to make a note of the path or address shown in the location column of each listed software subscriptions. Suppose you have any problem understanding this step then you can take help of Sophos antivirus customer service
  2. In the next step, you have to install the program. In case of windows endpoint you have to browse to the distribution share and then double click the setup. After that you have to go to start and then run and then enter details for accessing the share. In the process of installing it on the windows computer you may get prompted to enter login credentials.
  3. In case of mac endpoint, you need to create a samba share to distribute share and copy full Sophos installer components to mac desktop and after doing so you need to double click the installer. In the finder you have to choose ‘go’ and then connect to server. You can take help of Sophos antivirus customer service team for proper help.
  4. You have to type the network address for the computer in the server address from the distribution location folder after that you have to follow the on-screen instructions to type the username and password which is needed for accessing the share and navigating the mac distribution.
  5. Finally, you have to go to the system preferences and then open the Sophos antivirus preferences pages then click on the ‘auto update’ tab. You have to enter the user credentials in it for login and processing the installation process. If you have difficulty following these steps, then you can contact Sophos antivirus support.